All readings are done via Zoom due to Covid.

Call 973-271-7882 for apt and fees or email Pamela at

When calling or emaiing specify your preferred days/times, weekend or eve and half hr or hour apt. I work Mon through Friday and every other weekend.



NEW: MEDIUM DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE. Saturday mornings. $10 (email to register)


Private Readings: 30 or 60 min.  $90 or $150

I will communicate with your friends and/or family members in spirit, using clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to bring evidence of their presence and provide you with healing messages from the other side.

Semi Private Readings: 30 or 60 min.  $90 or $150

These readings are conducted in the same manner as private sittings but allow for 2-3 close family members who wish to hear from the same person in spirit, to sit together for one reading. $25 each additional person.

Small Group Readings:via zoom 1-1/2hrs.

You can book a small group with a minimum of 10 people. The reading is done “gallery” style and you will receive about 5 messages from spirit. No one can be guaranteed a personal message from a loved one from the other side. There is a flat rate for 10 people and then additional cost per person for additional people. 

Rates depend on number of people.

Public Demonstration of Mediumship: usually public forums such as Wellness Center or Hall. You can book “gallery” style demonstration of mediumship for events with a minimum of 25 people.


PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE READINGS   30 or 60 min.  $90 or $150

Psychic/Intuitive Readings are a powerful and transformational process of using information obtained through spirit guides and cards to bring awareness and healing to your life. 

Intuitive readings can provide information that address life issues such as:

  • Relationships
  • Emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and stress
  • Health and illness
  • Career issues and Finances
  • Spiritual Issues, life purpose and direction
  • Karma and soul growth

“Pam gets right to the matter of things, does not waste your time and does it in a gentle way. My boyfriend and I made more progress toward understanding and healing in one session with her than in years of self help or traditional counseling”

Ange, NJ

SPIRITUAL LIFE GUIDANCE: $100/Session,  3 for $225

This is a transformational process using life coaching, intuition, and spirit guidance, to bring clarity, healing, personal growth and spiritual development in areas of loss and grief, love, relationship, work, health, or any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life challenges. 

ENERGY HEALING: 60min-75min, $100   3 Sessions for $225

My commitment is to helping people heal and find joy in their life through a variety of healing techniques, support, guidance, and messages from the other side. A session includes hands on healing with gentle touch to address healing intentions and goals. My Kundalini yoga tradition interfaces with my spiritualists beliefs in my healing arts and practices, bringing centuries old wisdom and technology to help people to heal and become self-empowered, self aware, self actualized individuals. 

Other healing techniques may include: past life healings and chakra balancing, Kundalini meditation, mantras, and pranayama, relaxation and conscious breathing, affirmations and creative visualizations, prayer and connecting with spirit.

Energy Healing can;

  • enhance self esteem,
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increase clarity of thinking, gain insight
  • Enhance intuitive thinking
  • Increased confidence
  • Release addictive behaviors
  • Release self destructive patterns and limiting belief systems
  • Release trauma patterns
  • connect you to your soul’s life purpose
  • balance your prana, and  release stored blockages.

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