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Bridging Heart And Soul



I began my healing career as an Occupational Therapist, but always had a relationship with the healing presence of spirit in my life. In 2001, I began having profound mediumistic experiences after the loss of my mother and father-in-law. After much soul searching, I began extensive training in evidential mediumship in the Spiritualist tradition with Rev. Janet Nohavec and numerous British mediums from the prestigious Arthur Findley College of Mediumship in England.


After the terrible tragedy of Sept 11, 2001, I began receiving medium referrals from 9/11 bereavement groups and surviving family members. I became dedicated to developing my mediumship through the direct tutelage of Rev. Janet Nohavec, my friend and mentor for more than 2 decades.


Spiritualism and the Journey Within, a Spiritualist church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, became my home where I continue to demonstrate mediumship, teach, mentor, and lead as a Medium and Spiritualist Minister. I have also completed training in Grief Education with David Kessler and many other eastern practices of meditation, yoga and other healing arts. I have presented internationally and conducted lectures and workshops on Mediumship and mind/body/spirit connection.

Today, through my private practice, I continue to provide a safe, loving, and compassionate bridge to the other side.

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